Go Maverick

In the big game, the best players want the ball. Actually, they demand it. It’s the same when constructing a power and communications network. The larger the scope, the more challenging the design and engineering, the more the real players, like Maverick Construction, want the ball.

For the big game, we can mastermind a project from the conference room and CAD monitor to the construction site to routine maintenance checks when the network is up and running.

That’s not just talk. Maverick has an extensive track record for delivering every aspect of a communication network project–detailed design, innovative engineering and comprehensive infrastructure management speaks (e.g. our largest project managed was $36 million). Just ask the dozens of municipalities, state agencies, power and state governments, power companies and communications service providers across the US that we’ve successfully completed projects for since the company launched in 1994.

Maverick’s expertise goes beyond communications networks. We have designed, installed and maintained fiber optic lines for oil and natural gas wells, too.

Yet perhaps where Maverick shines the most is in an emergency situation. Maverick mobilizes crews across the country for catastrophic events as Hurricane Sandy and Katrina working round the clock to restore power and communications.

While Sandy was definitely an extreme, with most of Maverick’s projects there usually is a lot more at stake than money. In many cases, we’re talking about reputations, even careers. When the stakes are that high, you want to put your project in the hands of big-game player who takes the challenges and executes day in and day out. You want to go Maverick.

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Our resolute commitment to quality and safety infuses every aspect of our firm. Not only do we require technical and safety training for our employees, we also provide apprenticeship training.