Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Safety is a core value in Maverick and our people across the world are focused on making sure that every member of the team goes home safely, every day. All levels of management at Maverick are accountable for safe and efficient work practices and procedures. Safety needs to be
the number one priority at all times.

Maverick, an ISNetworld certified company with an “A” rating, with an exemplary .83 MOD rating Maverick is qualified with most major companies throughout the world and In all industries.

The Company’s safety program includes:

  • The promotion of safety awareness of all employees through personal contact and active
    participation in the Company’s Loss Control Program and safety activities.
  • Providing personal protective equipment to all personnel as required and enforcing its use as a
    condition of employment.
  • The installation and maintenance of all safeguards as required.
  • Detection and prompt correction of unsafe practices and conditions.
  • Enforcement of established regulations and disciplinary action necessary to assure compliance
    by all employees