Engineering Services

Engineering Services
Engineering Services

Maverick Corporation and its subsidiaries have extensive engineering capabilities servicing the telecommunications and power industries. Our firm has over 75 years of experience between our management team.

Power Services:

  • Strand Maps
  • Distribution Grids: Primary, Secondary, Drops
  • Make Ready Engineering
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Pole Audits and GIS Mapping
  • Pole Attachment Audits
  • Pole Rot Testing
  • Assessment Ride-Outs


  • GIS
    • Data/Spatial Analysis
    • Attribution
    • Conflation
    • Inventory Mapping
    • Data conversion (i.e. CAD files to .GDB)
  • Design
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Technical Review and Specification
    • Development
    • High-Level Design
    • Detailed/Low Level Design
    • Construction Documents
    • Cabinet Overview Maps
    • Technology Review and Analysis
    • RF Coverage analysis and site selection
    • SCADA Network Design
  • Field
    • Inventory Data Collection
    • Pole Surveys
    • Construction Ride Out
    • Site Selection Review
    • Quality Assurance for Construction Services
    • Post Construction Quality Audits
  • Permitting
  • Agency Negotiation and Permit Consulting
  • Route Permits, Plan and Profile for City, County,
  • DOT
  • H.A.C.E – Historical, Archeological, Cultural and Environmental
  • Section 106
  • NEPA
  • SHPO

Rolling out fiber intensive networks is easy on paper and very difficult when the shovel hits the dirt. Our success is built upon experience and knowledge gained while navigating multiple stakeholder’s requests, comprehending complex and evolving regulations, maintaining schedules and identifying delays early, and robust training programs. Maverick Corporation has on staff the personnel with intimate knowledge of:

Permitting: DOT, RR, City, County, Environmental, SHPO, NEPA, Section 106 and more GIS Analysis and Mapping Services
Field Engineering and Asset Inventory review Pole Attachment Agreements and Permit Submissions
Make Ready Engineering and Pole Analysis Make Ready Construction Services
High Level and Detailed Design Civil and Cabling Construction Drawing Sets
BOMs and BOLs Fiber Allocation Diagrams and Engineering
Aerial Construction Technical Design Review and Quality Assurance
Underground Construction: Trench, Directional Drill, Pneumatic Bore, Microtrench, Technical Services Installation and Quality Review
Pad and Shelter Construction Pole Installation