Nashville Electric- Google Make Ready

Total Contract Value: $ 25,000,000

Maverick was selected to perform The Make Ready Electrical Construction for Google Fiber in Nashville TN.

Trackside Wireless Broadband Network Train to Ground

Customer: National Passenger Railroad Corporation (Amtrak)

Total Contract Value: $200,000,000

Amtrak selected Maverick as the prime contractor to design, install and commission a Trackside Wireless
Broadband Solution along the Northeast Corridor “NES” from Boston to Washington Maverick is performing the Construction Management, Engineering, Procurement and the Construction Installation of the Trackside Network.

Due Diligence Survey and Report- Anguilla, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Customer: Digicel

Total Contract Value: $300,000

Maverick was requested to perform a Due Diligence study of the Hybrid Coax Network

Engineer Procure and Install 10 Miles Fiber along MBTA Green Line Rail

Customer: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Agency

Total Contract Value: $ 1,200, 000

Maverick was selected to perform the Engineering, and Construction for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Green Line Engineering and Construction fiber optic from Riverside to Kenmore Station. After Maverick conducted the initial FEED study, Maverick re-designed the Network to conform to NESC Code. Maverick also worked with the Safety Department to define work rules and safety practices to work during normal train and rail use which allowed the installation of the Fiber to occur in less than 8 weeks.

Statoil- North Monroe County – Utica and Marcellous Assets

Customer: Statoil North America

Total Contract Value: $13,000,000

Maverick was selected to perform the Engineering, and Construction for the Statoil Marcellus and Utica Assets for a Fiber to The Well solution. The project covered three areas; North Monroe County Ohio-Utica Assets, South Monroe County Ohio- Marcellus Assets and Taylor County West Virginia- Marcellus Assets. Maverick has completed three separate FEED studies and the Design and Engineering to date.

Crown Castle - Small Cell and DAS network- Fiber and Node Design Construction

Customer: Crown Castle- Formerly Next G Networks

Total Contract Value: $25,000,000

Crown Castle, Formerly Next G Networks contracted Maverick to provide Professional and Construction Services for the Installation of several Distributed Antenna Networks throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Boston and its surrounding communities comprised of over 450 Distributed Antennas fed remotely by Fiber. Other Networks completed are in Durham North Carolina, Flint Michigan, Rochester New York and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management of a 360 Mile Dark Fiber Network

Customer: NSTAR Communications now: Eversource

Contract Amount: $36,000,000

Maverick was contracted as the Engineering Procurement and Construction Management of NSTAR Communications New Dark Fiber Network. The project weaved through the City of Boston and its downtown Commercial District and the outlying communities. The project was designed to reside in the Power Space and was installed while the Network was energized.

Mobilitie: Engineering, Permitting, Procurement Fabrication and Construction of a small cell network on 186 Street Light throughout the Greater Boston Area, Boston, Somerville, Cambridge and Brookline.

Customer: Mobilite

Total Value: 15M

BAI Trackside Fiber Network-Engineering and Consulting

Customer: BAI Communications

Total Value: 1.5 M

Maverick is a designated Engineer of the New Fiber Network and Trackside Solution for BAI
Communications in Boston