Program Management

Maverick’s Program Management Services are among the best in the business. Our approach to program management always represents the interests of our customers, by joining your requirements with our own tested program management practices to plan, design, manage, and construct a project.  

Maverick’s solution, when designing and managing the delivery of a program, has been developed through our experience of engineering and building both telecom and electric networks throughout our 26 years in business. Our process, consistently re-tooled and assessed for client needs and new technologies, is founded upon safety, employee expertise, and most importantly, strong communication and discourse with our clients and project stakeholders. 

We provide you with a one-stop source to meet your program’s needs, driven and defined by our past proven success, experience, and expertise in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of large complex, multisite projects. Project management gives Maverick the maximum opportunity to positively influence the outcome of a client’s project by injecting our experience and knowledge at the earliest planning stages. The earlier we are involved in the major decisions that shape a project, the more we can contribute to cost, time, and quality factors during the construction program. Usually, we become an extension of the client’s organization for directing a project.