Storm Restoration & Incident Management


Often, before you even call, Maverick is prepared to respond to the potential catastrophic events from hurricanes to ice storms. To avoid confusion in the midst of a storm situation, Maverick and One Source Power monitor the situation from our state-of-the-art storm center, and quickly notify key personnel in areas that may be affected.

Damage Assessors and Patrollers

Our management team understands the importance of having qualified personnel readily available for prompt and accurate assessment. At Maverick, we utilize two-man assessment teams, comprised of an assessor and assistant assessor. Each assessor has substantial restoration experience and distribution experience. Assessors are used pre-restoration to provide an accurate view of the conditions and the required resources needed to complete the task of restoring power effectively and safely. They are also used post restoration to ensure work has been completed to standard.

Crews – Primary and Secondary

Primary Line Crews
Maverick and our affiliate One Source Power have over 200 crews and a data base of over 800 linemen throughout the United States that can be mobilized to perform Storm Emergency Response Services.

Secondary Line Crews
Our Storm Response Command Center provides a self-contained quick responsive Secondary Crews that are dispatched to quickly restore power and assess storm damage. Secondary crews are more nimble than primary crews, and therefore are used to directly impact affected areas, allowing primary crews to focus on line work. The role of secondary crews is the hand to hand combat.

Logistical Support

We provide experienced storeroom personnel to assist with the heavy burden of stocking and delivering materials during a restoration event. Our personnel include certified forklift operators and storeroom assistants. These team members are equipped with pickup trucks or cargo vans to assist with hauling materials to job sites. We also have veteran storeroom managers that have the required knowledge and skills to set up remote field store operations.

Debris and Site Clean Up Post Response

We provide the personnel and equipment necessary to cleanup any debris that is left behind from damaged and destroyed poles, conductors, and transformers. Our team has been trained to retrieve and dispose of hazardous material in the proper manner.