Company Mission

Our Corporate Culture

Maverick’s corporate culture is grounded in safety, quality, integrity, and respect. These time – tested values and our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart for our competition and makes us a trusted advisor and partner. Our reputation and people are Mavericks most valuable asset which will not be compromised. To ensure that means working to the highest ethical standards and creating lasting quality on all our projects. Maverick stands by our work.

Mavericks pragmatic practical approach to all projects is based on:

Multi-discipline Expertise

Our team has a proven track record solving problems across multiple disciplines in the construction, engineering, and project management fields. This results in higher quality regardless of the size of the project.

Value Engineering

Maverick constantly strives to bring value to projects through innovation, collaboration, and utilizing our extensive experience. Our ultimate goal is constructing a sustainable and resilient network that reduces capital expenditures without compromising the operating expenditure or the integrity of the network.


For years our safety culture has been among the best in the industry. This dedication to safety has resulted in zero incidents within the last five years, both in domestic and international environments that include: onshore and offshore locations, fabrication yards, field offices, and corporate offices. Maverick is an ISNETworld certified company with an “A” rating.

Increased Quality

For years we have been involved in the design, execution, commissioning and operations of multiple telecommunication infrastructure projects for numerous oil and gas clients. This experience has allowed our team to see projects in all lifecycle phases and apply those lessons learned to our internal practices and procedures. Our holistic understanding of end-to-end system integration will provide quality throughout project execution.

Increased Sustainability

The project team understands the criticality of the systems being designed and installed. This leads to project deliverables that are targeted at sustaining these critical telecommunication systems for the end users that will depend on them. Our goal is to apply industry best practices design based on sound engineering principles and ensure that project delivery exceeds expectations.